Excerpt from “Those Bright College Years”

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I strode along the curb of Prospect Street toward Alpha Nu as he ambled–slightly drunkenly–on my right. A former linebacker for the Bulldogs, Tex was president of his athletic fraternity and frequented the social functions of various sports groups. The cross-country team had already had its first race of the season the day before, and I still felt a bit high from performing well. It was only September, but fall tended to arrive early in New Haven. The temperature seemed to have dropped 20 degrees since the track party fizzled out, and I started to wish I had worn a jacket.

An SUV with basses blaring zoomed by, causing a surprisingly fierce breeze that sent my curly tresses flying. Tex tugged me away from the road: “Whoa! Let’s switch places. I’m more than twice your size. No one’s gonna hurt me. Or you while you’re with me.” He ran his fingers through his dishwater blond hair, sweaty from dancing, and winked. We held each other’s clammy hands. Charming, I thought.

“You’re big and strong and all, but that doesn’t make you invincible.” This was my attempt at coyness. I often fell for “teddy bear” guys because they seemed so manly and so eager to protect, but it was too early to let on that I might actually be into him.

“Well, I promise you’re safe with me. Besides, we’re almost there.”

 Tex didn’t keep his promise, and, although he apologized for the bite marks in an email the next day, he never said he was sorry for what transpired later that night.

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