Collecting Shells

April 20, 2009 at 10:39 pm Leave a comment

(written May 2002)

Collecting shells
Some people spend most of their trip to the beach
Doing it
Others, occasionally
The best thing
To do
Is stand right where
The ocean’s brim meets the shore
Each wave
Brings in the new
And replaces the old
Many options
Limited time
Few worth putting in the bucket
One, in particular
Might catch the eye
But seen hitting
The bottom of the pail
Already has lost
Its luster
The pretty ones are always the broken ones
The plain white,
Shape, size, color, texture
Smell, taste?
All taken into account
The bar rises
As the collection increases
There it is!
Floating, lingering
In the foam
Fluttering, fumbling, tumbling,
Whether or not the imagination’s figment
The Moon speeds up the tide
And on One
Slides past
With the next wave
Out of reach
Out of dive
Out of mind
Out of sight
So good
That it is missed
Without being experienced

Let’s ignore the
And plastic shovels,
White tummies,
SPF 30
Sometimes the best ones get away.

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